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Concepts and Objectives

 e-POLICY is a FP7 STREP Project funded under the Objective ICT-2011.5.6 ICT solutions for Governance and Policy Modeling. 

It is aimed at:

  • Supporting policy makers in their decision process across a multi-disciplinary effort aimed at the engineering of a policy making life-cycle that integrates, in a unique way, global and individual perspectives on the decision process.
  • Evaluating the economic, social and environmental impacts during policy making (at both the global and individual levels).
  • Deriving social impacts through opinion mining on e-participation data
  • Aiding the policy maker, citizens and stakeholders with visualization tools

Expected Outcomes

The e-POLICY expected outcomes are:

A flexible tool for optimization and decision support for policy making at global (regional) level taking into account objectives, constraints, financial issues and impacts on environment, economy and society.

An agent-based simulation approach at individual level for identifying the best policy implementation strategies.

A game theoretical approach for the interaction between the global and the individual levels.

A novel application of visual analytics techniques for supporting policy makers in the decision process and helping citizens and stakeholders in providing a more informed evaluation.Techniques for opinion mining for social impacts derived from e-participation data

An open source tool integrating the above mentioned components that is open, accessible and reusable in other policy contexts.

Extensive activities aimed at achieving the highest level of dissemination of project results and preparing for the exploitation of the proposed solution overall and of each individual components.