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The e-Policy Project

The e-POLICY project is a FP7 STREP project funded under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme, Objective 5.6 ICT solutions for Governance and Policy Modeling.

Its main aim is to support policy makers in their decision process across a multi-disciplinary effort aimed at engineering the policy making life-cycle. For the first time, global and individual perspectives on the decision process are merged and integrated. The project focuses on regional planning and promotes the assessment of economic, social and environmental impacts during the policy making process (at both the global and individual levels). For the individual aspects, e-POLICY aims at deriving social impacts through opinion mining on e-participation data extracted from the web. To aid policy makers, citizens and stakeholders, e-POLICY heavily relies on visualization tools providing an easy access to data, impacts and political choices.

The ePolicy case study is the Emilia Romagna Regional Energy plan. ePolicy will provide a tool for supporting regional planners to create an energy plan that is in line with strategic EU and national objectives, consistent with financial and territorial constraints, partecipated including opinion mining results, well assessed from an environmental perspective and optimal with respect to one or more metrics. In addition to the regional plan, ePolicy will provide a portfolio of implementation instruments (namely fiscal incentives, tax exemption, investment grants) for pushing the society and the energy market to go in the direction envisaged by the plan.

Additional Info

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Hand out of the story board/introduction to ePolicy results here.

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 e-Participation in the Emilia-Romagna region